900 Gallon Salt Water Tank

Completed in a high-end office by H2O HABITATS, this 900 gallon tank contains exotic corals and beautiful salt water fishes.

Integrated in a wall, this tank will impress any visiting clients.


Featured Work

H2O HABITATS has been featured in newspapers and a movie.


Over 30 Years of Experience

We have been serving the Bay Area for 30 years.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, you’ll be in good hands.


About Us

Mission Statement

We provide fish tank and aquarium services in the Bay Area for residential customers and businesses.

We strive to maintain and keep a natural environment in all our clients' aquariums, to closely duplicate water quality, lighting and food source to that of a natural habitat.

We believe that it is critical to have a consistent maintenance routine to ensure the health of our clients' specimens.

Service Areas

San Francisco Bay Area

Our Services

Custom Tank Design & Installation

We can help our clients custom design a system to match wants, needs and budget, whatever they may be.

Freshwater & Saltwater Tank Servicing

Too busy to perform the routine maintenance required to keep your corals, fish or plants healthy? Let us do the job for you. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly scheduled maintenance, whatever fits your schedule and budget.

Tank Moves

Need a complete system moved? We specialize in breaking down, moving and resetting up complete systems to a new location with minimal trauma to your pets.

Fish Sitting

When you can't find a sitter for your fishes during your trips, we can feed and check on them for you.

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“I still remember around 10 years ago when my husband was on a business trip overseas and we surprised him by setting up a 240g saltwater marine tank while he was gone. He was shock when he returned, but wasn't excited because he didn't have time to devote to it. To his surprise, that wasn't a problem as it was fully serviced by your company . It's been awhile now, thanks for a decade of excellent service and the aquascaping changes every year, it never gets boring."

-Angie, San Francisco, CA

"The service and caring is just perfect. Cesar treats my fish as if they are his own children. Thanks to him, my fishes will outlive me and my 75g marine tank looks just great. He has never missed an appointment either."

-Robert Zadek, San Francisco, CA